My Favourite Saxophone Maker

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  1. I have a 1880 i think steel Dolnet,Pigis, Lefevre Saxaphone i have had it in my shed on the wall on/off since 1974 any thoughts??

  2. Philip – see the Dolnet Belair in the posts here. It would be great to review your saxophone especially if it’s a 19C instrument – could you send me some photos of it?
    Best Martin

  3. Hi Martin

    Will collect saxophone am and get photos to you. It as some French writing on the side and a crest. It also as some dents,approx 3ft tall But the 3 names above very clear to see.


  4. Hi Martin

    Where should i send photos of Saxophone?

  5. I have a Le Fevre C-Melody (I am guessing around 1920) it plays OK and is in pretty good nick (obviously much played) – but it is French Concert Pitch. Is anybody interested in such curios?

  6. No way you leave King off the list…sacrilege!

  7. What about Kohlert saxes in the pole? They became my all times favourite! Of all horns I played for those 25-ish years of my professional saxman career, they are by far the most versatile and hypnotizing! And I’ve tried a fair number of different modern and vintage stuff, beleive me! From Selmers to Yamahas and Yanis, Keilwerth, Conn, Buecher etc., etc… I have a 1937 VKS alto and a 1935 VKS tenor and now I’ willing to trade my 1980 Selmer Mark 7 tenor for a Kohlert 1935-38.VKS bari, so if you know somebody please contact me at! You should absolutely put those wonderful and exciting horns in the vote pole!!! When you do, they get my vote… 🙂
    Cheers and all the best,

  8. Hey what about those Kohlerts????

  9. Hi SM
    It is difficult to leave a favorite sax maker. I’m professional 60 years now. I like one maker for one thing and another maker for another thing and then mouthpieces interact with certain horns in different ways. I’ll start with Selmer overall but certain serial numbers. In Mk VI Selmer altos I like either around 85,000-95,000 or about when they lengthened it and the tuning improved. I also like super balanced action horns and the original transition horns between the supers and the Mk VI’s which were wonderful. For Sopranos I like a different maker so the next time I write in I’ll send a former tape and a name. Also the maker will sometimes change if the music is classical or jazz or something else.
    Alvin Pall

  10. Im a fan of Grassi saxophones & have an alto # 51015 ‘Professional’ model. The horn is very bright in tone & excellent intonation. If anyone has any info about Grassi saxes I’d love to hear from them.

    • Paul
      They’re Italian made of course. I had an alto as my first sax in the early 1970s. I enjoyed it very much until my mum got me a Mark VI. I’d love to cover your horn here if you’d like. A few pictures, description as in the other posts here sent to
      Best wishes

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