Conn C Melody (1919)

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2 Responses

  1. The is quite interesting. I have a similar Conn C-Melody, but mine is a stencil. The serial number is P-6413, which is a low number. Like your sax, mine is naked brass, but my horn lacks the brace under the neck, it has no pearl touches on the keys, and has no front F key. My horn has no name on the bell, only the stamping, “Exchanged for new Buescher Elkhart Ind” and “6712” underneath.

    This indicates to me that my instrument is slightly older than yours. But the question is, what does “Exchanged for new Buescher” mean? Exchanged by whom? And why would the instrument be stamped in this manner?

    • Gregory
      A late respose, but…
      I guess Buesher marked the exchanged instruments, perhaps as part of a hire scheme. Perhaps some of our readers have a better ides.
      Best Wishes
      P.S. ifyou still have the horn and want it featured send some photos across to
      Best Wishes

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