Condor Alto (1980)

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The Story

We’re keen browsers at car boot and jumble sales. The Island Donkey Sanctuary regularly runs events locally from which we typically buy clocks and other retro things. I bought this from a car boot sale there about 10 years ago. The saxophone had been used as a school instruments. I can only presume that whoever bought it originally did so from New Zealand, Australia, or perhaps Brazil.

The Instrument

There is very little information on Condor published on the Web – a name which sounds related to Conn, but certainly isn’t from the build design and quality. I found a similar one for sale in New Zealand sometime ago, as well as references to their availability in Brazil. This is a fair instrument, with a design roughly based on the Selmer Mark VI. However it is relatively light-weight in terms of its quality and sound. It seems likely that it was made in Taiwan or China. It has a low serial number and I’ve guessed it was made in 1980 only from comparison to other saxophones in my collection. I’m keen for any more information anyone has on Condor saxophones.

The Player

It has a smooth action, but its tone is somewhat restricted and weak. I’m not sure I would ever want to play this in gigs, although it is perhaps adequate for practice.


  • Make – Condor
  • Model – unknown (Alto)
  • Serial Number – 60618
  • Date of Manufacture – 1980 (estimated)
  • Place of Manufacture – Taiwan or China
  • Finish – light polished brass with silver nickel keys
  • Weight – 4lb 8oz
  • Sound – weak
  • Ease of Blowing – somewhat restricted
  • Ease of Fingering – a good easy action

We’re keen to hear from other owners of Condor saxophones, especially  if you play them regularly and appreciate their quality. As always please let me know by commenting on this post.

3 Responses

  1. I have a alto condor sax

  2. Hi – How much should I pay for a genuine condor alto sax?
    Interested in what you had to say. Thanks !

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